We’re Enjoying: Velvet Taco Back Door Chicken

It’s Monday and I am exhausted from 2 weeks of travel…thinking forward to dinner I am taking the easiest route I know…a “Back Door Chicken” at Velvet Taco.  I have written about Velvet Taco before, the hip taco joint that packs crowds in from morning until night on Henderson Ave. We love the idea, the location and, of course, the tacos, especially the fresh Ahi tuna poke lettuce wrap for me and pulled pork for Gary.

They started selling their juicy rotisserie chickens right out of the back door several months ago. Makes sense, these succulent birds, roasting for hours in their massive rotisserie oven next to jumbo ears of corn, just thinking of the aroma makes my mouth water. the great thing about getting it on Monday is the price, the normal $20 bird gets slashed in half to $10 and comes with the fab Velvet Taco sides – fresh pico, roasted corn, roasted potatoes and a pile of corn tortillas. Add a salad a bottle or two of wine and dinner is complete.  Pair with a great movie…or Ranger game (quite the common theme in our house.)

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