Month: August 2012

We’re Enoying: The Best Holiday In The World…

Well, at least one of them.  Yesterday was National Cabernet Sauvignon day…who knew there was such a glorious day for enjoying one of the best things in the world…a glass of Cabernet.  No matter what your regional preference is, pretty much anyone can agree…

We’re Cooking: Grilled Nectarines with Balsamic and Honey

Everyone always boasts about grilled peaches, but peaches shouldn’t be the only stone fruit to enter the grilling department.  Plums, nectarines, apricots, even cherries gain a smokey sweetness when grilled enhancing the flavor and helping it marry with other flavors, like sweet honey, fresh…

Red Wine with Breakfast

Every Glass Is An Adventure


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Cogill Wine & Film

Cogill WIne & Film and Cogill Consulting brings together the talents of Producer Gary Cogill and his wife, Sommelier Hayley Hamilton Cogill, working together, yet thriving individually, for a perfect pairing of wine and film.