We’re Not Enjoying…..Lack of Carbs

So for the past two and a half weeks I decided to cut out the one thing I pretty much live on….Carbs.

I am sure you can relate to my thought process – we are going on vacation, I wanted to lose a few pounds, what better way to do it than to remove all the access calories of a warm baguette, crusty bagel, buttery croissant, grilled corn, roasted potatoes, al dente pasta, heck, even the zero-fat bag of pretzels that for the past 20 years has pretty much been my lunch.  Over the past two and a half weeks I replaced these doughy delicacies with more vegetables than I can shake a stick at, chicken and fish….and (probably the issue) many glasses of wine paired with glorious cheese.

Well today ended my little experiment after a trip to the gym where I weighed in at 5 pounds more than when I started this little adventure.  Seriously!
I am going to say it is muscle weight, as I have been working out pretty hard….but at the end of the day, my mood (and my relationship) needs the carbs, just maybe not as much cheese.

Man these pretzels taste good…..

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