“Believe Me” Will Make You a Believer

The cast of "Believe Me" with writer/director Will Bakke, writer Michael Allen and producer Alex Carroll at the 2014 Dallas International Film Festival premierThe cast and production team of “Believe Me” at the 2014 Dallas International Film Festival premier

Just when you thought “Words and Pictures” was all Lascaux Films had up its sleeves, there is a whole new genre created by the team behind Riot Studios that Lascaux saw and understood early on….embracing their vision, and putting their money behind it. Yesterday the Riot team, including Highland Park High School grads Will Bakke, Michael B. Allen and Alex Carroll, released the trailer for “Believe Me.

We love this film and see great things for it, and the talented team behind it who created new, refreshing words and dialogue on a topic that has thus far been untouched.  Check it out for yourself here.…you be the judge. “Believe Me” will open in select theaters September 26, 2014.
And remember, “you don’t want to be Shawshanking in a room full of Geckos.”

Gary with "Believe Me" star Alex Russell.
Gary with “Believe Me” star Alex Russell.

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