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We’re Cooking: Roasted Halibut with Garlic, Leeks and Fennel

I love the flavor of fennel – raw, baked, grilled, braised, I can eat it pretty much any way.  I know the flavor is too intense for some though.  I find this recipe for roasting fennel with sweet leeks and garlic softens the strong anise…

We’re Cooking: Mustard Roasted Salmon with Dill and Tarragon

Mustard roasted salmon is a go to for me.  Gary loves mustard of all kinds, and when you roast it with salmon the tart flavor mellows into a sweet coating over rich salmon.  It is a pretty easy preparation, the key is to add…

We’re Cooking: Rock Shrimp Ceviche

A few weeks ago I was at Central Market  and my fish monger insisted I try their rock shrimp…perfect, tiny bites of sweet, meaty goodness.  I included them in our Valentine’s Day Chioppino  and, to me, they were the stand out component in the dish.  So, I used them…

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