Dinner at God’s Mountain

View from God's Mountain

One of the best nights of our Canadian wine adventure a few weeks ago was a special wine dinner with our friends and The Tasting Room Radio host, Terry David Mulligan and his wife Meg, at God’s Mountain. Driving up to this venue I had an idea of what we were in store for, with a name like God’s Mountain it had to be good, but when we arrived I was overwhelmed by the beauty of this serene escape on top of a hillside overlooking a vineyard, leading down to a majestic waterway. With an eclectic mix of decorations on the inside, and an expansive garden area with our table of 40 set for the evening, ready to take in the view.

La Frenz 2008 Chardonnay

The wine for the evening was La Frenz, one of our friend’s favorites and a stop we had made earlier in our day.  Owned by Jeff Martin and his wife Niva, originally from Australia but a Canadian wine maker through and through, with a clear understanding of the terrior he is working with and what it takes to make great wine in British Columbia. This year marks the 27th vintage Jeff has worked as a winemaker in both Australia and in the Naramata region of Okanagan. Read More

What We’re Cooking Now: Girls Night

Salmon Nicoise Salad
I hosted a gathering of girls the other night – wine, snacks and lots of laughter, my favorite kind of night.
The menu was simple, a salmon nicoise salad, fruit and cheese plate, white peach tart for dessert.  Very healthy, and a great pairing to the surplus of white wine we have recently found ourselves with.  (It seemed for months we had a surplus of red and no white…conscious buying made a change to that with a case of each King Estate Pinot Gris, Adelsheim Chardonnay and one of our favorites, Miner Napa Valley Chardonnay.)  The King Estate was on the menu for this night, filled with light, crisp flavors of peach, tropical fruit and star fruit.  King Estate, one of the most beautiful wineries in Oregon’s Willamette Valley produces a lot of Pinot Gris.  Though they do a lot of Pinot Noir as well, like many of their neighbors, Pinot Gris has really become their signature wine, and a perfect accompaniment to a hearty fish like salmon as the crisp white wine will cut through the fattiness of the fish and creaminess of the potatoes, and pair nicely with the clean salad flavors. 

Cheese plate was simple, as a cheese plate should be.  A few green apples, big bunch of red and green grapes, dried apricots and a stunning fig spread from The Girl and the Fig  in Sonoma….one of my favorite spots in wine country for both creating stunning picnics, and picking up items like the signature fig spread chock full of spice and ripe California figs.  The cheese, always a blue, tonight’s from another favorite, Rouge River Creamery Crater Lake Blue; an extra sharp white cheddar and an aged gouda.  I also included some warm brie, a stellar flavor with the fig spread, and so easy to do.  Place the unwrapped brie on a rimmed baking dish and place in a 375 degree oven for about 15 minutes until the cheese starts to melt and get gooey.   Remove from oven and tent with aluminum foil for about 5 minutes to let the cheese gel a bit.  Serve with a crusty baguette and the fig spread.  Rosemary crackers are also great with all of these cheeses. The tart and salmon nicoise are almost this easy.  Follow the jump for more.  Read More

Red Wine with Breakfast

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