Wine Goes Well With Cheese….

A good friend of mine says when asked how he likes a particular varietal, “it goes well with the cheese.”  It has become a joke between us, but he is actually correct; wine does go very well with cheese.  The creamy richness and pungent flavors of cheese matches deliciously with wine, cutting through the wine’s acidity: cheese complements the fruity flavors found in wine. 

There are some basics to take into consideration when matching wine with cheese.  A mild creamy cheese will pair better with a lighter white wine; while a pungent ripe cheese will marry happily with a bold red.  This column will outline some basics for finding the perfect pair for your next wine and cheese tasting.  A few good general tips to keep in mind: soft, creamy cheeses will coat your palate when you eat them.  To cut through this creamy coating, pair refreshing, slightly acidic whites to creamy cheeses to ensure that you are getting the best flavors out of your wine.  Very ripe, pungent cheeses can be overpowering if not paired with a bold red.  Match strong cheese to big, fruit-forward, powerful reds with lots of flavor.  Read More

Argentine Asado


Buckets of rain did not deter 50 or so friends, family and guests from attending the 3rd Annual Argentine Asado with Andrew Ormsby Catering and Bottle Poetry Imports, with special guests Chocolatier Andrew Shotts, and local favorite WFAA-TV’s Gary Cogill. 

Six wines were paired with a 4 course meal of Argentine favorites including fried sweet breads on frisee with a local twist of Ruby Red Texas Grapefruit vinaigrette; beef and onion empanadas; an entire Ancho Marinated Black Angus Leg of Beef, roasted on an open spit, with Mendoza chimichurri and barbequed green vegetable sofrito.  The wines, all from small production, family owned and operated wineries in Argentina accompanied each course to perfection.  

Bressia Monteagrelo Chardonnay 2007, an elegant wine representing the art form that Bodega Bressia prides itself on and full of honey, apple, pear and citrus was a delightful accompaniment to the sweet breads.  It had just enough acid to cut through the fried course, and enough finesse to enhance the rich flavors.  

Gary and Andrew worked the massive paella pan to create a white truffle infused risotto. This was matched with a spicy Laborum Syrah from Bodegas El Porvenir de Los Andes.  Sweet spice and red fruit paired well with the hearty risotto.  The impressive leg of beef, which had roasted on an open fire for 8 hours (avoiding the rain), turned out a perfect medium rare.  Marchiori & Barraud 2005 Cabernet Sauvignon and Argentina’s signature grape, Laborum Malbec, accompanied the beef.  

Andrew Shotts’ Souffled Passionfruit crepes with Dulche de Leche and Milk Chocolate paired well with an unusual ice wine from Argentina, Las Perdices ICE, made from 100% Malbec.  Though it is a sweet wine, it is not a surupy as many and maintains great sugar/acidity with notes of dried prunes, quince and Morello cherries.  

Comments heard around the table noted the success of the “magical” evening that made all friends feel like family, as an Asado should.

Red Wine with Breakfast

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