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We’re Toasting: Speck

In Alto Adige, Italy, the land of grapes and apples, there are few things as treasured as their beloved speck, the cured ham quite similar to prosciutto or bacon, but made from the rear leg of the pig instead of the belly. Speck literally…

We’re Cooking: Prosciutto Wrapped Figs and Bacon Candy

Give me a reason to celebrate Gary and I will give you a menu that will satisfy even the most critical palates. That occasion came Saturday with his birthday, and in addition to Thai butternut squash soup, creamy polenta with fresh pesto and a…

We’re Cooking: Edamame, Ginger and Basil Hummus

When you think of summer you often think of foods that are light and refreshing (kind of like the wines of the season)…each of your thoughts will be satisfied with this tasty recipe made with protein rich edamame, lots of antioxidant filled ginger and…

Red Wine with Breakfast

Every Glass Is An Adventure


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Cogill Wine & Film

Cogill WIne & Film and Cogill Consulting brings together the talents of Producer Gary Cogill and his wife, Sommelier Hayley Hamilton Cogill, working together, yet thriving individually, for a perfect pairing of wine and film.