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We’re Cooking: Parmesan Hearts

There isn’t anything very new about a cheese crisp with cocktails. The light and airy bite has been a staple of happy hours for decades. Parmesan hearts though are a completely different story. These, made like you would any other cheese crisp, add the…

We’re Cooking: Mini Twice Baked Potatoes with Bacon and Chives

Gary often says that when he arrived in Texas from Portland, Oregon he had a twice baked potato and never left.  In honor of my love and his upcoming birthday later this week, here is a tasty recipe for twice baked potatoes the Gary…

Red Wine with Breakfast

Every Glass Is An Adventure


Sommelier, Personal Chef & Concierge Creating Elegant Dinner Parties and Unique Wine Tasting Events to the Big Island of Hawaii

Cogill Wine & Film

Cogill WIne & Film and Cogill Consulting brings together the talents of Producer Gary Cogill and his wife, Sommelier Hayley Hamilton Cogill, working together, yet thriving individually, for a perfect pairing of wine and film.