We’re Cooking

Gary and I love to entertain. Since we started dating we have held dozens of dinner parties and created hundreds of recipes, most of which are outlined throughout this blog.  If you are in the mood to get creative in the kitchen, here are some of the recipe’s links to help inspire your dinner tonight.




Light Mains

Hearty Mains



This and That

Cocktails and Pairing Ideas

One comment

  1. Hi fm Michele Axley,
    Happy you two are living in HI. Bet you are loving it.
    I went to high school in Oahu. My twin and I were Waikiki bikini models, we had an agent and were in island beauty contests and even an Elvis movie. 🤗
    I lived there 3 different times, once right on Waikiki w twin, another time with Bob and w family in hi school. Interesting times.
    AnyHOO, happy to have found ya thru Facebook. We visit fm time to time. We mainly split out time between Dallas & Pebble Beach CA, which we adore. Sending virtual hugs to both of you & hope u r both well. We returned to D to get shots and will get 2nd dose Monday. Take care!


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