What To Drink Now: Labor Day Cocktails

Happy Labor Day. And the only things can help us get through these last days of summer, as we bid adieu to the season of sunshine and suntans, is a refreshing cocktail with a kick. Consider mixing one of these up today or any day. #Cheers!

Just yesterday I was chatting cocktails with one of my favorite mixologists about why we drink the kind of cocktails we drink. Are we looking for something smooth, subtle, and unrecognizable, or to sip something that excites the palate, with personality, and style. I prefer the latter, not wanting to overpower but knowing that my drink includes the kick of a spirit or two. Often, I find this comes with premium tequila. Unlike spirits made from sugar cane, potato, or grain, tequila’s 100% Blue Weber Agave fruit leads with slightly vegetal, savory earthiness, which is often also quite complex.

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What to Drink Now: Red Wine Week on KXAS-TV/NBC DFW Today

Man, it is hot outside! I landed in Dallas last night to find my former home sitting in the sweltering heat of August in Texas. This time of year, we may opt to think lighter, cooling white wines. However, if I learned anything living in Texas for over 20 years, it’s that Texans love a good glass of Cabernet Sauvignon on any day, any season, with any food, or on its own. Cabernet paired with a tasty cut of Prime beer, also known as “Cab and a slab” is king.

As we prepare for National Cabernet Day this week, I raise a glass. This morning I joined KXAS/NBC DFW at 11am to share some tasty options to enjoy on holiday, as well as throughout “red wine week,” which we are experiencing now. As I say, “Red Wine With Breakfast” is the perfect way to start the day. A link to the segment is here. More on some of the wines from the program below. Happy sipping. #Cheers!

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Red Wine with Breakfast

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