We’re Cooking: Crème Brulee


Though some think the task of creating creamy, dreamy, rich, and sweet crème brulee may be very daunting, but in reality, the sweet treat isn’t terribly difficult to prepare, it just takes a little time. And, when cooking for a dinner party or gathering, your guests will be delighted and impressed, as it is always delicious. We add a few balsamic strawberries to ours, or top with a dusting of shaved chocolate, whipped cream, and shortbread wafers. Read More

Wine of the Day: Mille 1 Garda Rosso

With an approachable style, perfect for easy Sunday suppers, Mille 1 Garda Rosso ($21) red blend of Corvina, Rebo, and Merlot shines with freshness, and texture thanks to a touch of the fruit being left to dry after harvesting to concentrate the flavors in a classic “appassimento” process, as traditionally done for Amarone production. I love a big bold red wine, but I also like to have more than one glass of wine a night, making finding a wine with strength and smoothness a win-win. Blending robust Corvina with Merlot and Rebo, a crossing of the Teroldego and Merlot varieties, in the Lombardy region where the wine is produced, ensures power is softened with lightness, making it ideal on its own or with light antipasti or fresh pasta dishes.

Mille 1 refers to the 1001 mile journey from one end of Italy to the other, with Garda Rosso delivering juicy red berry, cherry, and spice with a hint of briny minerality and savory balsamic notes that give way to a medium-bodied, very dry palate with a silky finish.

Wine of the Day: Ruffino Greppone Mazzi Brunello di Montalcino

Power with poise, strength with softness, elegance with rusticity, Ruffino Greppone Mazzi Brunello di Montalcino ($65) showcases the power of Sangiovese, known locally as Brunello, to create a complex, full-bodied wine with classic Tuscan character. Hot dry days, give way to cool nights thanks to breezes off the Tyrrhenian Sea, ensuring grapes maintain a note of acidity and freshness, with a strong, tannic backbone. Red cherry, black plum, leather, tobacco, and dark chocolate leap from aromatic wine, pairing with any braised or stewed meat or game dish, or a hearty bowl of pasta and gravy.

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