What To Drink Now: European Wine

This is crazy! I try not to be political when I write, believing that my topic of choice, wine, is to be enjoyed by all, no matter what your political leanings are. We moved to an island to get away from the topic of politics (among other things.) But, as our country continues down the rabbit hole of nonsensical daily realities, i.e., let’s allow for the deregulation of everything put in place to protect us, while we argue over whether or not the President is a racist. Now, the joyful indulgence of wine has become the next hot topic.

This month the current administration in Washington is proposing to put in put in place a 100% tariff on imported European wine, along with Scotch and Irish Whiskey, cheese, olive oil, pasta. Yes, everything from your beloved special occasion bottles of Champagne, Bordeaux, and Barolo, to your $8 bottle of Prosecco used for making Sunday mimosas. They already imposed a 25% tariff on most of these items, which many suppliers and retailers have just absorbed into their current costs of doing business, but it is hard to do this with a 100% tariff hike. Read More

Wine of the Day: Freixenet Prosecco DOC

Yes, you are reading correctly. Freixenet, one of the largest producers of Cava sparkling wine in Spain, begun by the Ferrer family over 150 years ago, is now making Prosecco. And, it is delicious.

Produced in the Prosecco DOC region of north-east Italy, in the classic Italian Charmat method, capturing freshness and liveliness. This 100% Glera fruit sparkler is lively, flirty, and very fun. Where traditional method, or Methode Champaniose, Cava is aged in the bottle over a period of time allowing the bubbles to be created through a second fermentation process, the Charmat method, using large stainless steel tanks for the second fermentation, is focused on the delicate youthfulness of the wine. Prosecco is meant to be enjoyed shortly after bottling, so fruity lemon zest, orange blossom, green apple, and pear flavors can be fully appreciated and enjoyed.

Freixenet Prosecco ($22) packaging is beautiful, the wine is fresh and bright, and the bubbles last all night. What more could you want from a quality sparkler? #Cheers

We’re Cooking: Lemon Pepper Pasta with Fresh Ricotta

I haven’t posted any recipes lately, and am feeling inspired to cook a little bit lately thanks to my recent departure from a part-time, that turned full-time, that turned overtime job on this beautiful island of Hawaii. Though it was a fun experience, I am happy to be on the other side, and find time to do one of my favorite things – cook!

Fresh Ricotta

We had some leftover 2% milk from a recent family stay on the island, which Gary and I don’t drink. But, we do love cheese. Wala, we made a quick batch of homemade ricotta. It is the easiest recipe and the resulting creamy ricotta is perfect to add to salads, pasta, stuff into chicken or pork with sundried tomatoes. The recipe is here. We opted to use it as a topper in last night’s lemon pepper pasta. Ricotta is really best known as the cheese layered in lasagna or stuffed into pasta shells; I opted to just flake it on top of my creamy, lemony, tomato, and tarragon sauce topping lemon-pepper linguine. Cheers. Read More

Red Wine with Breakfast

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