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Arista 2007 Mononi Russian River Pinto Gris
We got back from our Northwest food and wine adventure a week ago today and I told myself I was going to cleanse myself of wine for a while.  I had hoped for 10 days based on this crazy diet I was attempting forgoing all wine, cheese, bread and pretzels (almost like death for me) but alas, it is 7.  I know, 7 days shouldn’t seem like much for a person to go without wine, but keep in mind, my business is wine…I am a wine writer…I love wine….maybe there is some French in my very Scottish roots that make me want to enjoy a glass with dinner like all good Frenchmen do, maybe it is my Aunt Micki’s great influence that taught me that wine is a gift we all get to enjoy.  Either way, I am pretty proud of holding out for 7 days. 

So after a good workout and a long walk around the neighborhood with Yoda I decided I would indulge in one glass….one large glass.  The bottle of choice, Arista 2007 Russian River Valley Pinot Gris.  It was cold and it is still hot outside, and this is a bit of a special wine (for this occasion.) 

Arista Gardens and Vineyards


I purchased this wine about 2 years ago when Gary and I ventured out on one of your first trips together to Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley.   

Visiting Arista came as a recommendation from my sister who had visited and promised it would be worth the visit.  Their stunning Japanese Gardens alone made the experience worth it, and their crisp whites and deep Pinot Noir heavy reds were excellent. 

The 2007 Pinot Gris is bright and crisp with lots of stone fruit like peach and apricot aromas with good minerality and a long finish filled with honeysuckle.  A perfect wine to enjoy while listening to Steely Dan and waiting for Gary to get home.  Cheers….

Red Wine with Breakfast

Every Glass Is An Adventure


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