Stefano Secchi Is Making a Movie and Needs Your Help

Our dear friend, chef extraordinaire and charming, eldest son of Francesco and Jane Secchi left Dallas about 6 months ago to make his way in Los Angeles as a film maker.  Unlike some who go to the land of sunshine and starlets, the young Stefano is doing it right, by working at one of the most popular of Mario Battali’s restaurants in the area, Osteria Mozza, by taking acting classes to learn how an actor behaves and perfecting a script he has been working on for years about his father and uncle, their lives in Sardinia and coming to America called Shiloh – An Italian Immigrants Debt to America.  The film is set to shoot this summer in Sardinia and New York, if Stefano can raise the funds he needs to make the film.  And he is close, just $8,000 away from his goal, but only 10 days left to do it.  He is using an online tool called as a platform to raise funds, where he lays out the great incentives that come with a donation, including everything from a recipe from Papa Secchi to an Associate Producer or Executive Producer credit.  Sign us up for the dinner prepared by Stefano after shooting!

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