We’re Drinking: WOW! 2002 BOND Melbury Napa Valley Red

Gary and I love wine, we love everything from a $10 to a $1000 bottle of wine.  A price tag doesn’t make the wine, the style of the wine, dedication of the wine maker, the care of the vineyards, everything that goes into the process is what makes the wine and what we love.  Over a beautiful dinner the other night out hosts opened a 2002 Melbury Napa Valley Red from BOND Estates.

BOND has a philosophy that their wines are special, Grand Cru quality from the heart of Napa Valley.  With William Harlan as Proprietor, Robert Levy as the Director of Wine Growing, Mary Maher managing the vines and Cory Empting making the wine the team is built for creating stellar wine.  I actually sat behind this table at the Napa Valley Wine Auction this year and was impressed with the camaraderie and excitement each person at the table had about the auction, their Lot and the celebration of Napa Valley.  And with a wine like the Melbury it is easy to see why.

WOW…..a delicate wine with texture and elegance filled with cherry, chocolate and floral notes with a hint of spice on the velvety finish.  Beautiful.  Though the wine is predominantly allocated to their group members, and production is small, you can sign up to receive information on their new releases to hopefully get a spot in the future.  It will be worth the wait. Cheers!