We’re Celebrating: USA Women’s Soccer

Not really a food, wine or travel post, but a genuine reason to celebrate.
We joined our friends John and Ginny last night for a fabulous food and wine event for The United Way at the Mauna Lani (more on that to come) and as our heads hit the pillow after many glasses of wine and a few scotches Gary said,” set the alarm for 5am, I want to watch the soccer game.”
Only half thinking he was serious I nudged him at about 5:15 and sure enough, in the early Hawaiian morning we watched a thrilling match between USA Women’s Soccer and Brazil in the Women’s World Cup. WOW!

In overtime, and a few extra minutes this incredible American women hit a goal with 1 minute left then hit 5 shoot out goals in a row. Amazing.
I am a huge sports nut, but hadn’t ever really focused on women’s soccer….needless to say, we are hooked.
And, we get 30 minutes of extra sleep time for their semi-final match against France Wednesday, 5:30am Kona time.

One thought on “We’re Celebrating: USA Women’s Soccer

  1. I cannot believe you were up at 5:15a to watch soccer. You are a true sports freak. Sounds like the trip is as to be expected, wonderful. I would kill to go to those open markets. Drink one for me and enjoy the tan. One day, I’ll tell you to get out of the sun. Arkansas pale is not on the color chart.

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