We’re Enoying: The Best Holiday In The World…

Well, at least one of them.  Yesterday was National Cabernet Sauvignon day…who knew there was such a glorious day for enjoying one of the best things in the world…a glass of Cabernet.  No matter what your regional preference is, pretty much anyone can agree that a gorgeous glass of Cab will fit just about any occasion and can fit just about any palate…from glorious Bordeaux to distinct Napa Cab to the earthy flavors found in Argentina, Australia, Washington, even areas of New York, a great bottle of Cab is never far away.

If you didn’t see my post in Sidedish on the special day and are looking for great Cab ideas, take a look for some suggestions.  Or, do like we did, and go for one that will always please the palate…at least our palate.  A beautiful bottle of 2005 Stagecoach Cabernet Sauvignon from Miner Family Vineyards in Napa Valley.  Miner has been and always will be a favorite, both for the lush, silky, special wine they make and for their gracious owner Dave Miner.  From his Oracle Bordeaux style blend to all of his single vineyard Cabs Dave, and winemaker Gary Brookman, know how to treat this king of Napa Valley grapes with respect, producing a wine that will fit any occasion, even if that occasion is simply enjoying a chopped salad at home watching opening night college football. Cheers!

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