We’re Toasting: Charities We Love

About this time of year hearts and pocket books open to help those in need, but everyday across the world people, many just like you and me, face the tough reality of trying to find ways to feed themselves and their families.

Luckily, in every community across the country there are wonderful charities to help and do so day in, and day out.  Our North Texas Food Bank provides food for over 340 different outlets across the region; The Stewpot and The Bridge serves upwards of 700 meals a day to homeless in our city; Family Gateway helps the homeless in Dallas become self-sufficient; and The SPCA helps all those pups, kittens and furry friends find safe homes. Each so important around the holidays….but each of these do their incredible work daily, and need assistance each and every day to make sure the great help they provide can continue.

A lot is asked of you during the holidays, so if you can’t help or volunteer right now, please keep it in mind throughout the year.  Each one of these organizations love to have volunteers come in and lend a hand, and of course, financial donations are always critical to continuing their work.  Cheers to you and your family during the holiday and into a bright new year.