Charities We Love: The Birthday Party Project


The Birthday Party Project was started almost two years ago by a dedicated individual with a heart as big as Texas, especially when it comes to kids.  Two years ago Paige Chenault, noted birthday enthusiast, saw a need and through her tenacity, generosity and big wonderful heart created a non-profit that is all about giving back to kids….what could be better.

Though we do live in a city that gives back to our own constantly, it is often in the form of what is necessary – the basic needs that a struggling family may need to get through the day – food, clothing, shelter, the basics that we all need to survive.  Unfortunately, during times of struggle, some families find that they have give up the one basic necessity a child needs when growing up, to celebrate their birthday with a special party just for them.  
Paige started The Birthday Party Project to fit that need. With the simple, yet profound, mission to “Bring Joy to Homeless Children through the Magic of Birthdays,” The Birthday Party Project throws 7 different parties each month, celebrating over 2,200 kids over the past two years with games, presents, cupcakes and fun, all with the goal to bring smiles and happiness to kids that otherwise would not have a birthday party.

By partnering with various shelters, like Family Gateway, Genesis Women’s Shelter, Jonathan’s Place and SafeHaven, the organization creates amazing experiences for kids throughout the city, put on by both members of the organization’s team and a long list of fellow birthday enthusiast volunteers.  Helping is easy, especially as they get ready to throw their first fundraiser on January 18, with 100% of the proceeds from the event going directly to help with parties for 2014….and they are planning a lot of them, as bringing smiles to kids faces is one of the easiest and best feelings in the world. Find out more information about The Birthday Party Project, their upcoming fundraiser and how you can help here.