Movies You Must See with Gary on The Broadcast

“The Wolf of Wall Street,’ photo courtesy of Paramount Pictures

This morning Gary and I both had a chance to visit the set of The Broadcast talking wine and movies…so this post will jump away from our usual dinner and wine chat to talk the main subject he gets asked about a lot this time of year….what films should be seen before the Academy Awards this year?

This morning he flew through a handful of recommendations with the ladies, talking in detail about I think 10 of them…and suggesting a few more. I say flew because he had about 5 minutes to summarize what may be one of the best years in our movie history…he thinks better than it has been in at least 10, maybe 20 years. Though I am not a pro as he is, I have seen most of these with him, and it is, indeed a great year of dark, thoughtful, engaging, interesting and moving films.

Click here to check out the segment and to get the list of movies you must see.