“WORDS and PICTURES” opens Friday nation wide


If you know us, you know this has been an amazing journey for Gary, and for me, not just in the creation of a major motion picture, but the path from one career to another and the immense and often scary reality of changing everything and leaving stability to follow your dreams and passions.

Friday, June 6 we see a little bit of those dreams come true as “Words and Pictures,” a Latitude Production in association with Gary’s company, Lascaux Films, opens in 25 major film markets natiomwide, including The Magnolia in Dallas, River Oaks Theater in Houston, theaters across Seattle, Portland,  Boston,  New York,  and so many more cities.  Gary is Co-Producer on the film.

Gary introduced a screening last week and seeing it in all its glory, with great lighting and sound made our hearts jump….hearing the audience reaction was even better.

Please see this film…not only to support us, but because it is exactly the kind of film Gary hoped to make when he left a successful career to flow his dream. Smart, funny, witty and quite unlike anything else being produced these days.  And if you have seen it at the Dallas Film Festival it is worth seeing again as the words come alive in a true theater setting.

Cheers baby!  Have fun!




  1. I saw Gary on a Dallas station one morning this week. He looked and sounded terrific! I look forward to seeing this movie. Congratulations all around!


  2. Good luck to you both. It’s been a long time in coming. The time and dedication you have both put in to this project will hopefully be rewarded. Well done Gary for your extremely hard work on this project. Raising a glass for more great films in the future.


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