Charities We Love: Conquer Project at UT Southwestern

When you least expect it amazing things happen…sometimes they are good….sometimes they are bad…often they can be extraordinary, as they teach you how to be and live a different way.

A year and a half ago our dear friend, Don Winspear, developed an autoimmune disease called Transverse Myelitis, resulting in paralysis. We don’t know why. There seems no real reason to it, but it happened. Our amazing friend faced this new challenge head-on, as he and his family have faced many challenges, and today continues to surprise me with the things he is able to do. He is one of the strongest people we know, and always with a smile and a laugh….and raising a great glass of wine.


July 9, The Kessler Theater will host “An Evening of Friends and Music,” led by event Chairman Don Winspear.  The benefit concert will raise funds for the Conquer Project at UT Southwestern, which supports research on Transverse Myelitis and other rare autoimmune diseases.  The evening will feature performances by Brice Beard, Buddy Greene and Jeff Taylor…and if you haven’t seen a show at The Kessler you are missing out – it is one of the best, cozy music venues in the city, which will be made extra special this night as we support such a great cause. Gary and I will be there, and hope you will join us for this special night!

Tickets available here.   If you can’t attend please consider making a donation through this site.