Pre-Order Your Copy of “Believe Me” Now

believe me

Lascaux Films has had a very busy few years since they launched in 2010. And though they are excited to announce that “Words and Pictures” will be out on DVD and iTunes in early September, they are (and I am personally) so excited about the release of “Believe Me.”

Will Bakke, Alex Carol and Michael B. Allen, the team behind Riot Studios, have created a sharp, witty, thoughtful comedy, collaborating together to write and produce a film with modern ideas and a fresh take…that is simply hilarious.  Happily, the film is made in association with Lascaux Films with Gary and Richard Toussaint Co-Producing with Steve Markham.

More than that though, in the world of high budgets and extravagant film sets the Riot trio set a strict budget, called on many of their local Austin, TX friends and got it done, with each playing multiple roles on set (like co-writer/producer Michael B. Allen acting as on-set script supervisor while also creating their web presence.) Happily when they had a few extra dollars while shooting they were able to add a bit of humorous flare to the film with funny-man Nick Offerman, and the heart pumping sounds of Jack White on the official trailer.

This adds to the stellar performances by a group of young, talented individuals like Alex Russell, Miles Fisher, Max Adler and Sinqua Walls.  But what really makes this film is the dialogue…proving just how witty, funny and smart these men are, and with the power of determination and a focused drive they made one hell of a film.  I won’t go into the specific details on the film….watch the official trailer, you will understand why we are so excited.

“Believe Me” will open in a handful of theaters September 26, but that same day it will be available for download on iTunes or you can pre-order your DVD now here. The pre-order comes with a film poster signed by Co-writer/Director Will Bakke, potentially the most valuable part of the pre-order as Bakke has quite the future ahead of him.