We’re Curious? Repeal of the Bag Ban in Dallas…

Gary and I don’t get political. We certainly have our views and opinions, but usually keep them to ourselves. Sadly, I feel the need to question the latest vote from our city council to repeal the plastic bag ban set in place January 1st of this year. In reading the reasons why the repeal happened I do understand that the ordinance had many hurdles to work through, not the least including that the state could overturn the local decision in their next session, but come on people, stop using plastic bags!

Maybe we are just a little closer to our oceans here in Hawaii. And we take the effects that products, that simply will not break down in our landfills, will have on our environment very seriously.
It just seems like such a simple thing to use recyclable bags for shopping. Just purchase a big stack, or keep the promotional bags that are always handed out at events, and keep them in your car. When you go for groceries take a few in shopping with you. Or, if you don’t have a bag, just buy what you need for that night.

That’s my soap box for the day, but between this, and of course, more serious issues like the craziness that happened in McKinney over the weekend, whatever that was in Garland (both the meeting and the shooting,) and the biker gang massacre in Waco, we are more and more thankful to be out of town for the summer.
Our lead story last night was a fisherman spent 16 hours fighting a marlin. Aloha.


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    Reblogging this a year later.
    Sadly, nothing has changed. Grab your plethora of freebie bags given at every event in Dallas and please stop using plastic bags. Our oceans, Hawaii’s honu, and environment, will thank you.


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