Wine of the Day: Flora Springs Napa Vallery Merlot

As summer heats up we opt to find wines that have great structure, and power, without being overly heavy and weighty. This time of year I love a Merlot. Where Cabernet Sauvignon can be robust and bold, Merlot is often softer, fleshier, and less astringent, with well-integrated tannins. Flavors for Merlot can be similar, with black and red fruits, but I find more plum and berry often in a well-made Merlot, verses the cassis and cherry often evident with Cab. From sustainably farmed vineyards dotted throughout Napa Valley, Flora Springs Merlot ($38) shines with these characteristics. Silky, and supple, the wine opens with floral notes of lilac and cherry blossom, followed by red berry, toasted vanilla, a touch of chocolate, and spice. This is the perfect wine for enjoying with grilled chicken or roasted pork tenderloin, or even a cheesy lasagna, filled with creamy ricotta. #Cheers