What To Drink Now: Wine

Gary and I drink wine every night, high-end wine, inexpensive wine, wine purchased from wineries, from grocery stores, wine.com, received as samples. Well known names from throughout Napa, Willamette, Spain, Bordeaux, to highly affordable options from Costco or Safeway (FYI, Kirkland makes some quaffable selections.) I am often asked what my favorite wine is, and I suppose it would be like the question of which child is your favorite, as all are, some more than others at times. I can sip a Pinot Noir every day, but could easily also enjoy a Barbera or Gamay or Cab Franc, as fresh acidity with earthiness two traits I enjoy most in reds, traits often found in all of these. Similarly, I love a well made Sauvignon Blanc with zip and zest, traits often found in racy, steely Chardonnay from Chablis as well.

What is your favorite wine or the go-to you open every night. I have wine I enjoy while making dinner, those Tuesday night options, and the special bottles you pop when pairing with a decadent meal enjoyed with friends.









Last weekend we enjoyed a stellar Blueprint Sauvignon Blanc from Lail Vineyards ($40) with friends because I couldn’t wait to share the story of the winery and Robin Lail’s legacy with them.

The next day we opted for an easy-going Torres Verdejo ($15) from Rueda, Spain to pair with spicy grilled shrimp, which I shared the history of the wines of Rueda with Gary with the same enthusiasm in sharing Lail’s wine. That is the joy of wine, every bottle tells a story.

Both sang of their terroir, with texture, balance, and liveliness. Both white wines with layers of crushed stone and citrus, yet completely different, defining their character and a sense of place.

This is what makes wine so special. As 2020 harvest season begins in the Northern Hemisphere, with a world in a pandemic, I wonder what the vintage will bring. I am optimistic, always wanting my glass to be half full, especially when it comes to wine. I think now more than ever I am looking for surprises, seeking out the nontraditional, including varieties or regions that aren’t as well known. And, changing preconceived opinions about the quality of this wine or that based solely on production size or brand, or label (like I said, some of the Kirland wines are pretty tasty….their Prosecco is produced from Prosecco Superiore DOCG vines and costs $8!!!)

We remain on a relative lockdown in Hawaii with the state requiring 14-day quarantine for mainland travelers and very few flights in or off the island. My sister laughs at me when I say I order wine from outlets like wine.com that will deliver to the island, but as we live in a place with limited options I am thankful to have the opportunity to order wine from around the world, transporting myself to beloved vineyards recalling amazing travels in Rias Baixas, Alto Adige, Bordeaux, Champagne, Greece, South Africa, Napa, Willamette, Walla Walla, and so many more. international vineyards through every glass. And, being able to share those adventures with the one I love most. Something I am truly thankful for in this pandemic. As I often say, every glass is an adventure. #cheers


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  1. Fun read Hayley. Good wine suggestions and info. Social distancing shouldn’t be a problem on an empty island, but, like everyone else, we need interaction just to keep us sane. Having delicious, safe wines are always a good go-to. Be safe…

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