Wine of the Day: Sunny With A Chance Of Flowers

How could you not love a bottle named “Sunny With A Chance of Flowers?”

I am not typically the one to pick up a bottle of wine based on the label design or the name, but this one just made me smile. Bonus, the wine inside is the perfect summer sipper, with a focus on helping you take the best care of yourself you can. Produced from estate-owned, certified sustainable fruit in the Monterey AVA, without residual sugar, low alcohol, and low calories, proudly displayed on their labels to remove any question or confusion on what is inside.

Announcing this so proudly on a wine label often makes me wonder, what are they really trying to sell? But, the wine inside delivers. How is this possible? By using technology proprietary to the winery, a portion of the completely fermented to dryness fruit undergoes a process to remove the alcohol, leaving an alcohol-free product that is then blended with the remaining juice to create the 85 calorie/9% alcohol wine, per 5 oz serving.

Sunny With A Chance of Flowers Sauvignon Blanc ($17) is just that, sunshine in the glass, layering tropical fruit notes of mango, pineapple, and lilikoi, with touches of white grapefruit with lovely freshness. Their Chardonnay ($17) highlights orchard fruit flavors of apple and pear, with Meyer lemon and creamy vanilla on the finish. These are easy wines to be enjoyed on their own, sipping on the patio as you enjoy the sunset, or with light pasta dishes or summer salads.