Early voting ends in many states tomorrow or Friday. Don’t be deterred, get out and let your voice be heard through your vote.

I am sure you are like we are and ready for this political year to be over, (though I am sure my old friends in the TV industry have appreciated the political spending in an otherwise dreadful year of craziness.) But, make sure you exercise your Constitutional rights and vote! You have the opportunity to create the kind of world you want to live in by voting. I won’t urge who to cast your ballot for, only that you vote! #cheers

#YourVoteMatters #yourvoiceyourvote2020 #vote2020


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  1. Done and, HOPEFULLY, won. Pay no attention to the fat man hiding behind the curtain of lies. Bring down the flying monkeys, and, give our country back to the good. Find that bucket of water, VOTE, and make a really big splash

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