Wine of the Day: Mi Sueno Napa Vallery Syrah

The dream of owning a winery, making wine, harvesting grapes, showcasing the things about wine that you love, crosses the mind of every wine lover in the world. What would it look like? What would you make?

This dream fueled winemaker Rolando Herrera and his wife, Lorena, in the early years of their life together. Rolando, an immigrant from Mexico who moved to California in his youth looking for the American dream, working his way up through the hospitality world, and then into the wine world, eventually becoming the right-hand man of Paul Hobbs, while always wanting his own project. And Lorena, also a native Mexican that moved to Sonoma as a young child where her family began developing vineyards in Napa and Sonoma.

Essentially, both grew up amongst the vines, hoping one day to have something uniquely theirs. The two desires to make world-class wines with character became a reality in 1997 with their Mi Sueno Winery. The same year of their marriage (impressive to take on both at the same time) their passions and dedication, determination and hard work, have proven to be key to helping Mi Sueno succeed over the past 20+ years. The wines are elegant, understated, textured, terroir-driven, and always enjoyable. And, each can make a nice pairing with some of Lorena’s favorite Latin-inspired recipes (available via their website.)Β 

Mi Sueno Napa Valley Syrah ($60) comes mainly from the Cortese Vineyard in Coombsville, a cooler part of Napa in the southern part of the valley with hot days yielding to cool evenings with steady winds keeping grapes healthy, and acidity bright. Powerful and rich the 20-month French oak-aged Syrah showcases a meaty, forest floor earthiness, with black plum, blackberry, and pepper yielding to touches of vanilla and sweet spice. A perfect food wine, especially with a slow-braised stew, hearty grilled rack of lamb, or chicken with a rich mole sauce.


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