Denim by Beaubois, Costières de Nimes

Don’t let the name fool you, we aren’t talking about the hotest new brand of blue jeans. Today we raise a glass to the southern Rhone region of Costières de Nimes with a beauty from Chateau Beaubois.


A DEMETER Biodynamic Certified organic estate with roughly 1800 acres of vines, the historic winery began in the 1920s when Margueritte and René Mouret began producing wines from the estate. Today the property is run by fourth generation sister and brother, Fanny and François Boyer. With a focus on the terroir, and preserving Mother Nature, the siblings showcase the estate and regions unique terroir with clean farming and low-intervention winemaking.

Nestled between Nimes and the Mediteranean, Costières de Nimes is one of the most southern regions of the Rhone Valley, enjoying the influence of the sea as well as experiencing the power of the Mistral winds blowing across the country. The resulting wines are bold and expressive, showcasing powerful Rhone red varieties, delivering energy and richness in the glass.

Denim by Beaubois blends Syrah, Grenache, and Cinsault for a spicy, smoky, fruit-forward wine with character. On the open, the wine shows notes of stewed cherries and ripe blackberry, melding with floral, herbal woody wild herbs like sage brush, lavender, and thyme. The middle palate is rich and weighty, while remaining energetic, showing a balance of ripe tannin with fresh acidity. We love wines from the Rhone Valley, and this one did not disappoint especially for the $25 price tag. It gives all the power we love in wines from the region, while maintaining the refinement we appreciate in bold red wines. Pair with barbecue, grilled meat or mushrooms, or wood fired pizza with spicy sausage and peppers.