Raise a Glass to Water

Water is our most vital necessity. Our bodies are made of predominantly water, it is the key to staying hydrated for our brain and core to work well. Yet, access to clean drinking water worldwide is considered a gift instead of a given. Though it is impossible to function without clean water, communities all over the country and throughout the world struggle to have access to clean drinking water.

For many years we have supported organizations like Water.org and Charity Water. These two organizations help bring clean water to those in need across the globe, and on World Water Day, we again celebrate and appreciate all of the work organizations like these do to help those in need.

Water should be available for all, not for the privileged. When you give a community or village access to clean water, you change the life of all, but mainly the women of that society who may spend most of their days retrieving clean water. When water becomes available, those women can attend school, learn a trade, and better themselves and their families. We raise a glass to all of those women, and fully support the organizations helping make your lives better.