“Toy Story 4” and Lasseter Family Wines

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Originally published in “West Hawaii Today” on June 28, 2019

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The Film: “Toy Story 4”

“Toy Story 4″ is a little bit of everything. Funny, engaging, emotional, well-written, beautifully crafted, and as part four sequels go, one of the best of all time.

Tom Hanks provides the leadership and charm as, “Woody,” the talking pull toy cowboy with a heart of gold and a willingness to serve others. He gathers his gang together including a new member, “Forky” created out of trash in kindergarten by the young girl of the house. He keeps jumping into trash receptacles because that’s all he knows.

Forky is hilarious as he finds his purpose in the “Toy Story” world without self-destructing. That’s the heart and soul of this charming sequel because as families change and grow older, so do their toys.

Even Woody seems a bit lost and looking for direction, but before you…

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What To Drink Now: Beach Bag & Sunset Ready Wines In Cans

Following up in our discussion on wine trends, especially as we enjoy beachside summertime sunsets, we look to the continually growing category of wines in cans. More and more wines are finding their new home enveloped in an aluminum home.

Photo courtesy of the winery

My first introduction to canned wines was in 2014 when consulting for my dear friend Chef Joanne Bondy and “Stocks and Bondy” for their wine selection with Underwood, the entry-level brand for Willamette Valley’s Union Wine Company dedicated to producing everyday, quality wines Oregonians would be proud of, at a reasonable price. Though Francis Ford Coppola has been making the “Sofia” mini sparkling wines for years, the first still wine in a can for me was Underwood Oregon Pinot Noir. Inexpensive, retailing for around $6 a can, with each serving the equivalent of half a bottle, it is an incredible deal for the quality. And there is quality there. Marketed as an every day, easy drinking Oregon Pinot, the wine is fresh, leading with fruit-filled strawberry, raspberry, and cherry. The wine isn’t the most complex, but it is also more than palatable and quite enjoyable.

Shortly after Underwood debuted, the canned wine market began to pop and has not looked back, creating a $69 million industry last year. Today wines are being crafted solely for production in cans, and dozens of everyday wine are finding a home on retailers shelves in both the bottled wine and canned wine areas. These are everyday wines, meant to be enjoyed over barbecues and sunsets. For all of them, Underwood is still a reliable brand in the market.

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