We’re Exploring: The Nasher Sculptue Center

A few weeks ago Gary and I had an event at The Nasher Sculpture Center in the heart of the Dallas Arts District.  We were there for a fabulous food event, but also had the chance to take in the beautiful and often moving sculptures in the garden, the gallery and the balloon display downstairs. 

We get out a lot in the city, but often feel like we need to travel to other areas to really explore.  With the beauty and accessibility of things like the Dallas Arts District, local farmers markets, galleries and theaters all over town, so much fun can be had exploring what is right in our own backyard. 

The balloon exhibit by Martin Creed is part of the Nasher “Sightings” series,  which features small scale installations in their gallery downstairs, is simply wonderful.  If ever there was a time to run through balloons and play like a child, this is it. 

It is not for the claustrophobic types, but if you are in the mood for innocent fun, run to the exhibit.  The exhibit was scheduled to close on June 19th but has been extended to August 21st. 

Our visit was made complete because we were able to enjoy a few glasses of Domaine Serene Evanstand Reserve Pinot Noir, served at the dinner.

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