We’re Exploring: 31st Annual Auction Napa Valley – A Wine and Food Extravaganza

I just got home from the 31st Annual Auction Napa Valley  hosted by the Napa Valley Vintners and some of the 400 wineries who are a part of their organization, and all I can say is wow….

The auction has been something I have always wanted to go to but the timing just never worked out.  Lucky for me this year it did because the weekend was filled with some of the most amazing food I have tasted from Chefs like Michael Chiarello of Bottega, Cindy Pawlcyn of Mustard’s Grille, Iron Chef Morimoto, Thomas Keller and even Dallas’ own Dean Fearing. 

And the wine….the wine….wow.  From some of the tasty new releases from Texas natives Brenda and Clay Cockerell of Coquerel Family Wine to new favorites like Mi Sueno, Titus, Ehlers Estate, who poured one of the best Rose wines I have ever had – a Rose of Cabernet Franc which was very light and refreshing with crushed cherry and berry flavors and a hint of the green vegetal layers Cab Franc gives like asparagus and pepper.  To old favorites from Viader to Shafer to Nickel and Nickel to Mumm Napa. 

Check the D Magazine Sidedish blog for my posts on some of the fun had by all here and here, and stay tuned…much more to come.

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