Chefs Picnic Celebrating White Rock Lake

One thing I love about living in Dallas is our ever changing food scene filled with creative, interesting and talented chefs who also happen to be very generous with their time and work with true camaraderie and a willingness to help out when called upon, especially a good cause is involved.  Watching the fun, laughter and enthusiasm that ensues when chefs get together to work or play is a sight to behold and celebrate.

This weekend some of the cities best will join together for a Chefs Picnic at the Lake benefiting The American Heart Association and The Comerica White Rock Centennial with Chef Brian Luscher of The Grape at the head and joined by Chef Janice Provost of Parigi, Chef Randall Copeland and Chef Nathan Tate of Restaurant Ava, Chefs Justin and Diane Fourton of Pecan Lodge and more, with tasty, summer cocktails from Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka… of my favorites, just mix a little Deep Eddy with sparkling water and lots of lemon for the perfect afternoon cocktail pick me up.  Tickets available either at 214-632-0784 or through Highland Park Cafeteria.  











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