We’re Exploring: ALOHA!!!!

Every year Gary and I look at each other and say, in unison, we need to get back to Hawaii….though there are so many places we want to visit together, the big island of Hawaii is our favorite get away.  Sleeping in the sun, running by the water, eating fresh fish every day, watching amazing sunsets, cooking for our Hawaiian friends we have made and drinking great wine. It is truly our little piece of paradise.

Today Gary and I are off, a bit giddy as our upgrade came through, ready to drink Bloody Mary’s, relax and enjoy.  With a suitcase devoted solely to our wine stash, a bottle of single malt Scotch and a Pimm’s No.1 Cup we are ready.  Though we have our favorite things to do, mainly sunset at the Beach Tree at The Four Seasons, snorkeling at Mauna Lani and dinner at Hokulia, can’t wait to see what this trip will bring.  Check back for news of this years adventure. And, as always, thank you June for the accommodations making this possible.  Cheers!

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