We’re Enjoying: Life, On the Line

We’re devouring, more like.
We are now 6 days in to our Hawaiian adventure and we are both completely hooked on Life, On the Line by Chef extraordinare Grant Achatz and his business partner, and friend, Nick Kokonas. It took me just 3 days of sun time to breeze though, and after asking Gary to read it for a few days, he is on the same course.

Thoughtful, emotional, funny and deeply personal, a book for any one who loves great food, appreciates service and is focused on the whole, beautiful picture of what goes on in a restaurant to create experiences for patrons that not only exude great pleasure, but create life long memories. After all, we know that some of the best memories of a life time are created over food and wine with the people you love. I laughed and cried multiple times and keep hearing a “wow” out of Gary as he gets further and further into it.

We don’t get to Chicago that often, but we are fully inspired to make a trip just to eat at the multi James Beard Award winning Chef’s Aliena.

And, it has finally gotten Gary to agree to a dinner at French Laundry. For all of our Napa experiences, he has never felt it was necessary. After understanding Thomas Keller’s thoughtfulness with both his food and his staff, Gary finally wants to go. We are headed to Napa the middle of August, fingers crossed my wait list request for a table comes through.