We’re Tasting: A Tomato That Tastes Like a Tomato; A Cucumber That Tastes Like a Cucumber

Kawamata Farms Tomatoes and Cucumbers

I wrote the other day about our trip to the Kona farmer’s markets, but have to reiterate as we then came home ad enjoyed the bounty of the Big Island. Though I will say Tom Spicer is the king of great greens, the flavors we tasted of heirloom tomatoes and beefsteak tomatoes, English and Japanese cucumbers, peppery radishes, fresh basil with massive leaves and local arugula may take the prize for best flavors, inspiring any kid (or Gary) to eat their veggies. Add a little cheese, balsamic or sherry vinegar and fresh olive oil and a perfect dinner is born. Bravo Hawaii Island…we do love you so!