We’re Exploring: College Station and Veritas Wine Bar and Bistro

I never thought I would write about an outstanding foodie experience in College Station.  Yes, I had ventured College Station back in my college days when I visited the Texas A&M campus with a few of my sorority sisters.  We had gone to a wild A&M game, boot scooted at one of local country bars and enjoyed “any coin, any pitcher” night at the Dixie Chicken.   Definitely a great time, but when we went back a few weeks ago for the opening SMU vs. A&M football game the last thing I thought I would write about was a great dining experience.

Little did I know I would have to eat my words….enter Veritas Wine Bar and Bistro.  First off, we were surprised.  One of our favorite Dallas spots is Veritas on Henderson.  Was it odd that in the middle of College Station we would find another Veritas wine bar, with just as charming of an atmosphere?  And, did I mention…we are in College Station…a town known more for poor, struggling college students and fast, casual food establishments.

Veritas is not anything to shun your nose at.  A seasonal and fresh tapas style, Asian influenced menu with everything from mammoth size mussels, fresh ceviche and fish from the Gulf, Hudson Valley duck breast, foie gras, beef from local ranches and fresh produce from around the state.  And the wine list…a five year Award of Excellence winner from Wine Spectator, a smart selection of reasonably priced finds, including selections from around the world housed in their temperature controlled wine vault that can hold up to 1800 bottles.  I eyed a Colgin Syrah, a Staglin Cab and a Domaine Serene Monogram….but then settled on something a little more approachable and unusual, a 2006 Cabernet from Napa called Spellwine.

Good earthy notes mingled with fresh cherry and berry flavors with well rounded tannins.  A food wine, pairing well with our selections of cheese, mussels, soup and pasta.

Veritas Gazpacho

Our stand outs included a fresh and ripe tomato filled gazpacho with a spicy kick; beautiful, garlicky mussels; a spinach salad with an incredible and different watermelon vinaigrette that was both sweet and savory; and of course, a cheese plate with honey comb.  Can’t wait for the next trip to A&M…