We’re Enjoying: Dinner at The Loon? Yep, Delicious!

Shrimp Cocktail at The Loon

For years we have been going to The Loon, the extremely popular bar just off McKinney Ave in Uptown known for serving strong drinks to anyone from the age of 21 to 71, and often a little of both any time of day except Sunday.  We were having drinks last week with the owner of The Loon, along with one of my favorite winemakers in the world, Walter Bressia.

Loon Cheeseburger

In from Argentina, Walter was in the mood for a great American burger, so off to The Loon we went.  Shame on me for not even realizing the menu they have at The Loon…yes, it does go beyond typical bar snacks, though you can also get a hotdog with the works, chicken wings and cheese fries.  But you can also indulge in giant T-bones and grilled pork chops, Genovese style pizza with eggplant, pine nuts and pesto, and a delicious Mexican style shrimp cocktail with jumbo shrimp bathed in a rich, tomato and avocado cocktail sauce that I swear I detected a bit of orange soda…popular in the recipe for shrimp cocktail made in Acapulco, Mexico.  All easily washed down with a strong vodka martini, tasty top shelf margarita, or an ice cold beer.  You’ve got to love The Loon!

Garlicy Tomato Bruschetta at The Loon

One Comment on “We’re Enjoying: Dinner at The Loon? Yep, Delicious!

  1. You are killing me, Hayley. Why didn’t we ever go?? This food looks fantastic, orange soda and all. I’d give up Cafe Express for that Shrimp Cocktail.


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