We’re Shocked! Yoda…..the Country Dog?

Just when you think you know a little something you realize you are completely clueless.  My little punkin dog is a city dog…he walks on sidewalks, never in the grass; he prefers lounging in the sun to chasing squirrels; must be walked to do his business; stays away from swimming pools, sprinklers and never goes out in the rain; and always, always would rather play with humans than other dogs.  And, as he is the apple of my eye, he is completely spoiled.

Some friends invited us out to their ranch over the weekend and being a doting mother asked if I could bring the little man along, knowing he would be perfectly content laying on the porch at our feet as we enjoyed the day, relaxing in rocking chairs.  He never goes far (he knows where his meals come from) and will easily come when we call him, so we weren’t worried letting him run without a leash.

After a quick half hour drive we step out of the car into a completely different world.  Though just 30 minutes from home, we have entered a new place…relaxed, quiet, comfortable and serene, with duck and geese lined fishing ponds, horseshoes and skeet shooting, huge barbecue pits and smokers, a ranch house with a wrap around porch begging to be used, a game room and great room with a big screen lit up with the start of college football, and about 30 head of longhorn cattle.

After settling in we explore the grounds a little bit, giving Yoda a chance to spread his legs a bit and get a lay of the land.  This is when the inner country dog took over the sleek city dog, as Yoda leaped into the pond chasing scattering geese, paddling after them with gusto.  Then he turned his attention to the longhorns…within 10 seconds our little 15 pound pup was herding 500 pound longhorns, barking up a storm, staring them down, pushing them this way and that….with us screaming in the back ground to get him out of there, unfortunately to no avail.  It was by far the scariest, and the funniest thing I have ever seen.  At any minute he could have been kicked or gored, but he was also telling those steer who was boss…and it seemed to be a little 15 pound Jack Shit (Jack Russell/Shih Tzu that is).

And then, as smooth and easily as he entered, he turned and pranced back out of the pin like he had just finished his daily chores of wrangling and herding, and it was time for a little supper.  Again, one of the funniest things we have ever seen.

The small man continued his ferocious antics through the next day, terrorizing geese and barking at longhorns until it was finally time to say adieu.  Now, he sits at my feet laying on an overstuffed pillow, exhausted from a city walk up Swiss Ave., he is once again the city dog I know and love. But now, as we hear him bark and flinch in his sleep, we know he is chasing longhorns in his dreams….silly me, I always thought it was a rabbit or a cat before.
Not for my country dog….


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