We’re Toasting: Charities We Love

If you have been to a few of our Dallas Uncorked events in the past few years you know we have a passion for helping bring clean water to those in need and believe strongly in the work Charity:Water does for those in need around the world.  Clean water is one of our most taken for granted resources, and also one of the most non-existent and needed resources in other parts of the world.  Clean water does more than provide a basic necessity, the availability of clean water in a village give women the ability to work and go to school, opportunities that are lost on many now as the majority of days are spent walking for miles to and from wells to gather water for their family.

Since their start in 2007 Charity:Water has raised over $17 Million for water projects, investing in 6000 water projects, helping over 2 million people around the world.  Their model is smart, and rare, due to their backers that help run the day to day operations, 100% of donations to Charity:Water go directly to funding water projects.

A new video was launched today for their campaign to bring 100 wells to Ethiopia for the holidays.  Take a look here and if you have the means and ability, please consider starting a campaign to help for the holidays.