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Gary and Ashlee at our first Dallas Uncorked dinner for the June Jones Foundation
Gary and Ashlee at our first Dallas Uncorked dinner for the June Jones Foundation

Two and a half years ago I made the decision to leave the corporate world and follow my passion, pursuing my wine loving creative side writing for D as well as a plethora of other opportunities, growing Dallas Uncorked, taking on new adventures, travel and lots and lots of tasting instead of spending each day dealing with the ever changing world of television, giving up a Vice Presidency essentially to be a writer…quite a different tax bracket but replaced with a tremendous amount of happiness.  I am thankful every day that I had this chance and, with Gary’s incredible support and help, I have been able to continue this journey for the past few years.

Thousands and thousands of people didn’t have the same story when they woke up one morning to find themselves without a full time job, as the economy, downsizing, budget reductions, offices closing, etc. have forced the business environment of our world to change dramatically.  What do you do when all you have known for 10 or 20 or 30+ years is to get up and go to work at a job you were proud to have and successful doing?  Often nothing good.  Enter Chris and Ashlee Kleinert, founders of Executives in Action (EIA), a non-profit organization that essentially matches executives that have found themselves a bit down on their luck with non-profit groups who can benefit from their business minds and expertise on a pro bono basis to create a win-win for all parties.

The husband and wife created EIA through a collaboration with Entrepreneurs for North Texas (EFNT) and the Center for Nonprofit Management (CNM), launching the organization in 2009.  Within the first 48 hours of launching 100 non-profits reached out for assistance.  Since then the organization has partnered with 182 different non-profits, fully living up to their goal for “building the community by strengthening nonprofits and supporting executives in transition,” with a value  of over $3.5 million dollars worth of assistance.

Executives in Action will be holding a breakfast with New York Times reporter and author Charles Duhigg, author of THE POWER OF HABIT, Why Do We Do What We Do In Life and Business on December 6th at The Fairmont at 7:30am.  Tickets and information available here.  If you can’t attend but have the means to help with a donation to ensure they continue to have the means to do the great work they do within our city, please consider making a donation.



  1. Hayley!!! Oh my goodness – what a wonderful surprise to be given this honor!! Thank you for writing about EIA and helping us share the work of the nonprofits needing help and the “in transition” executives who are helping them. This is so great!! You and Gary are awesome – we are most grateful for your act of kindness and look forward to a very fun trip next month!! Take care sweet friend, Ashlee

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