We’re Toasting: Charities We Love – Soup’s On for The Stewpot

Throughout the city there are incredible charities that do wonderful work in every sector and field, whether it is to help our local zoo, save unwanted animals, make strides in medical research, assist the abused or give shelter to those in need, and Dallas is an incredible city that gives openly and often to many of these charities throughout the year.  Perhaps one of the most impactful organizations in town is The Stewpot.  Started by The First Presbyterian Church in downtown Dallas, The Stewpot acts as a safe haven for our cities homeless, offering shelter, educational and work placement assistance, medical and mental care, and mainly with The Bridge, feeding the homeless of our city three meals a day, 365 days a year, sometimes serving 1000 meals a day.

Though this is somewhat government subsidized, there is never enough to tackle the entire need, which is where groups like The Stewpot Alliance come in, creating events and fundraisers to fill the gap and make sure that the work The Stewpot has pledged to do can actually be done.  I joined the Alliance recently, after watching their work the past few years and seeing first hand the impact their help makes.

January 29th The Stewpot Alliance presents their annual Soup’s On luncheon, featuring over a dozen of our favorite chefs in the city with chef-chair Brian Luscher of The Grape leading the team to create a memorable lunch for a wonderful cause, starting of course, with soup.  More details available here.  This is one of my favorite events every year, a delicious lunch for such a wonderful cause.  If you can’t attend, please consider making a donation to The Stewpot here.