What A Difference A Day Makes…

When you least expect it, amazing moments happen. Five years ago my love entered my life, in the most unusual of circumstances. And this weekend, in a joyous surprise ceremony, we pledged our lives together for now and forever. Thank you to all who were here to toast with us, and all that have supported us as we travel through our adventurous journey. Mainly, thank you to my husband. I am proud to be Mrs. Cogill.


  1. Hooray for my Hay and huge hugs to Gary. I was so thrilled to be right there to witness this beautiful occasion. I couldn’t be happier than I am right now to see my baby so happy. It was such a special night and of course, lots of joyous tears were shed. Talk about two people meant to be together. Thank you for making me a proud and happy mama…and mother-in-law.


  2. Want Robert Lee to play a song for you that I know he knows ” You Belong Together”


  3. As the proud father and now father-in-law, I am sooo very happy for my beautiful Hay and my new “SON’..It was great to be with the two of you for your special day. I’ll raise yet another glass to you both..
    I Love You both,


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