We’re Loving: Frosted Art

b-day cake

I am the first one to admit when I am terrible at something, and though I do pride myself on the creations that come out of our little kitchen, baking is just not my forte….much less creative baking.  To celebrate my 40th and Gary’s 60th birthdays in Centennial style we asked the amazing Bronwen Weber of Frosted Art to create a cake celebrating the things we loved – wine, movies, Yoda, wine. Above is what we received last Saturday for our celebration Sunday. With the excitement of the evening (and the delicious grilled cheese sandwiches that rolled in at the end of the party from Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe) we didn’t get to cut into the cake until the next day (benefiting some friends around the neighborhood greatly.) The great thing about Bronwen is that the taste of her cakes is as important as the actual look….one lemon tier and one incredibly moist and delicious carrot cake wrapped in film reels, wine bottles, glasses and a tasty chocolate cork screw, Oscar, a big fish Gary would love to catch one day, a set of wedding bands (as they were in on our surprise) and a perfect, perfectly represented Yoda made of sugar.  Thank you Bronwen and Debbie!  We will always treasure this wonderful set of memories.

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