Charities We Love: Feeding America and The North Texas Food Bank


If you haven’t noticed there are a lot of people wearing orange this month, and though it is a very trendy color, there just may be a reason so many people have incorporated the color into their September fashion.  This month is hunger action month, with fall’s harvest orange as the flagship color to help bring awareness to the sad state of the world, and more specifically the country we live in.  I am a huge supporter of helping those in need, around the world, get to the resources that every man should be allowed, mainly clean water, believing in the work that organizations like Charity:Water do.  However, in our own country 1 in 6 Americans struggle with hunger every day.  Organizations like Feeding America, uniting food banks around the country, have the goal to end this by bringing both awareness to the problem, and helping to distribute funds and services to those areas most in need. 

It is expensive to eat well in our country, another mind blowing reality.  In the many times I have volunteered at our North Texas Food Bank in Dallas I am often saddened by the kids afterschool or weekend packages that we have bagged up for the thousands of DISD children that qualify to receive the packs, and they are filled with processed foods like chips, pudding, fruit roll-ups and fruit juice.  These packs may be the only thing kids have to eat for dinner or on weekends, yet there is little nutritional value – so the dilemma of which is more important quickly becomes overshadowed by the need, and the need is constant and growing.

But, with the help of organizations like Feeding America, with partners and volunteers ranging from national celebrities, chefs and multi-million dollar organizations, to every day consumers who might have faced hunger in the past, each donating time, money and effort, there is hope that we will one day live in a country that doesn’t worry about hunger. Though today that seems like a fantasy, the dedication both locally and nationally to end hunger in America is real.  Our local North Texas and Tarrant County Food Banks, as well as the national Feeding America organization could use your help.  If you have the means, please consider donating.  Even the smallest donation can change someone’s life, $1 donated to Feeding America can provide 8 meals, and often employers will match donations.

And then we’ll tackle the issue with food costs….films like Food Inc. can shed a bit more light on how to help.