We’re Enjoying…every minute: Poke and Rose

It is probably a good thing (for now) that Gary and I don’t live in Hawaii full time. Though this is our dream for the future, now we just get to escape every now and then, to our little paradise on the Big Island, to enjoy the sun, sand, scenery, and lots and lots of island tuna.

Within the week or two we get to spend here on our vacations we probably enjoy enough Ahi tuna to satisfy our individual mercury counts for the rest of the year…making it good that we are only here once or twice a year…for now…and after our Ahi extravaganza we go home to enjoy lots of grilled salmon, chicken and an occasional steak, not really island food.

But, while we are here, bring on the Poke – Hawaii’s sushi grade, Ahi tuna, chopped and marinated in a light soy sauce or oyster sauce with a touch of flavorful sesame oil, chopped fresh scallions and sesame seeds. Wrapped in lettuce leaves with a bit of wasabi, and maybe some island avocado, then paired with a light, fragrant and very refreshing Rose or Sauvignon Blanc, and you have a pou pou, or island appetizer, that can be enjoyed every day. Aloha.


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