We’re Toasting: The Oscars….Awards Night Menu


The Academy Awards are a big deal in my house.  Growing up, it was the evening of glamor and celebrity, as my family would throw lavish parties, everyone getting very dressed up to watch the events. With Gary…things are a bit quieter as I married a man who actually wants to watch the Oscars instead of just socialize through them about what everyone is wearing.

This year is a fantastic year and this morning Gary sat down with Courtney and Suzie on The Broadcast to talk about his predictions for Sunday night.  12 Years a Slave, Gravity, American Hustle and Wolf of Wall Street lead the pack for best picture and probably, best director…with Dallas Buyers Club leading the pack for best actor and best supporting actor.

For your Oscar night party, let the films of the year inspire you. A few years ago I did a big curry feast when Slumdog Millionaire was in the running, and took a stroll through France for Midnight in Paris…this year get inspired by American Hustle with retro drinks and bites inspired by the 1970’s, like a pecan crusted cheese ball or cheesy cheedar dip, ambrosia salad and fondue enjoyed with anything from banana daiquiris to extra dirty martinis.  Or make a braised Irish lamb stew and sip an Irish Whiskey on the rocks for Philomena, or just go all out decadent with anything sinful you can possibly enjoy for The Wolf of Wall Street. 

Mainly, celebrate…celebrate film…celebrate great art….celebrate life and keep your fingers crossed that we will be there one day.

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