We’re Toasting: Corinne Cogill


There are a few traits that run in my family that I wish I had gotten….though I did get the incredible work ethic of the McClelland boys, passed down to me by my grandfather, to my mom, to me; a passion for the grape and writing about it…handed directly to me by my aunt; and the height of both the McClellands and the Hamiltons, I didn’t get much else though in the creativity field….passed down instead to my theater loving, singing sister and wildly artistic and creative cousin.  All of the McClelland boys were amazing painters, a talent I admired so much in my grandfather and one that I watched him passionately pursue until the end of his days, painting landscapes mostly, or flowers in the front garden of the house in Arkansas. I look at several of his pieces every day in our home, as it is a part of him that I know he loved so I love for him.

Gary with Corinne and Uncle Andrew (Ormsby)
Gary with Corinne and Uncle Andrew (Ormsby)

Now, we have new art to interpret and understand coming from Gary’s oldest, Corinne and her amazing artistic ability to wow us with her whimsical drawings and paintings.  Both of Gary’s girls posses this creativity, both successfully working within the medium to create work that both makes you think and keeps you guessing.  We had Corinne create a piece for us for Christmas this year, now hanging in our dining room.  We had looked at many paintings over the years that we wanted for the space and never really could find the exact right one to capture what we both wanted….


Now we have it, and every day when we look at our beautiful painting it not only is a bit of us, as she took our inspiration and idea of what we wanted and melded it with her aesthetic to create a piece that makes us think and is filled with interpretations.


From now through the end of the month Corinne has about 10 of her works displayed and for sale at Vino 100 in Uptown as their featured artist of the month, and they look amazing.  We toasted her accomplishment with friends last night, and I think I saw a few red dots already hanging on a few of them…well done! Her work will be up all month so swing by and take a look at her incredible work….before they are all sold!



  1. You are so lovely and loving…I adore you! Sorry I missed this – I got stuck at our Addison office because we had truck break down. I would love to go by and take a look. Whatcha doing next Tuesday afternoon/evening? Want to meet there for a glass of vino? xxoo



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